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Hunting Packages

Note: crossbows not legal on archery hunts!
Rifles, black powder, archery, and crossbows are legal on rifle hunts.

SpeciesSeason DatesPricing
Bighorn SheepSept 1st - Oct 15th
Limited openings 2016-17!
15 day Horseback; 1x142,000 Resident 10 day hunt12,000 Resident hunts must have government issued Alberta bighorn tag Horseback hunts may include camp help such as wrangler and/or cook. License+Tax+Sheep Allocation Fee2,750 Non-sheep hunters $300/day
Whitetail (or)
Mule Deer
Sept 17th – Nov 30th
Aug 25th Oct 31st
6 day hunt; 2x15,500 6 day hunt; 1x17,500 Deer combo1,500 (Add)
Moose (or)
Sept 17th - Nov 30th
Aug 24th - Oct 31st
6 day hunt; 2x17,000 6 day hunt; 1x19,000 Wilderness rut hunts1,000 (Add)
Free Range
Bison & Wolf
Jan - March 6 day hunt; 2x17,500
Spring or Fall
May 1st - June 15th
Aug 24th – Oct 31st
6 day hunt; 2x14,500 Bear combinations available
Winter Wolf/CoyoteDec - April 6 day hunt; 2x14,500 6 day hunt; 1x16,500

50% deposit required upon booking — GST tax will be added — Non-hunters: $250 USD/day

Licenses & Allocation Fees
Hunting License$100.00
Bighorn Sheep$500.00
Whitetail Deer$350.00
Mule Deer$350.00
Black Bear$250.00
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